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We are a small group of passionate people, driven by the spirit of small business owner who wants to change the world with their products and services. 

Incrsd was founded by Sebastian in 2019 with the goal to change Consulting for Small Businesses. Often entrepreneurs who are so important to the local economy often lack the money to pay for an expensive consultant. It is vital for the growth of a company to allow a view from the outside in order to be able to constantly improve. We would like to support you with affordable models to advance your business idea and the related work! Not only will your customers benefit but your profit will increase noticeably.

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Sebastian Stange

Born in 1982, he was raised in Germany and began to gain experience as an apprentice for Management Assistant in IT Systems at one of the largest European IT system houses. In addition to sales processes, the focus was primarily on customer-centered B2B sales themselves. After several years and moving from apprentice to account manager, he changed companies and began trying new methods of acquiring new customers and developing new products in order to stand out from the competition. After moving to a start-up in the energy sector in 2015, the focus was increasingly on processes, process optimization and business development. In addition, he worked in Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) and introduced an ERP system together with a team.

He now looks back on over 15 years of professional experience in IT sales and business development and is available for you as the main contact.

Where to find us

We’re located in Bochum (Germany). We are currently operating only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. But like you, we want to grow and expand the business organically throughout the whole European Union.

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