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To understand how your business has evolved from its founding to the present day we will look at different aspects of your history. In doing so, we not only want to look at the pure facts and figures but also your personal experiences.


Let’s look at the current state of affairs. What’s your position on the market and how are you doing compared to your competition? To have an objective view we will analyze hard facts and figures, we’ll derive a roadmap for the further development of your business so you’ll achieve a positive development on the market.


There’s no business without customers. Therefore, let us look at who your target customers are. Which target group should you address? We will work with you to find out who needs your products and services. Consequently, we can define where additional potentials will arise for you.


In addition to the customer groups, we will also analyze which markets you can serve with your products and services. We will compare in which markets your company can be the most successful. Then we compare the results obtained with the current status of your company. It will reveal where there are further opportunities or promising partnerships.

Financial Deep Dive - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!

Financial Deep Dive


In addition to revenue, spending is one of the most important financial issues to look at. Expenses directly affect your profit. Be it salaries to pay or the rent. Which obligations cause costs and how high are they? How much money do you spend on loans? What are your payment terms with your suppliers? Which fees you are due and when?


Sales are vital but to grow you need money to invest. You can only do that if you make profit. Therefore, we will analyze your profit in detail. How is your profit composed? Above all, we’ll find out which products and services are particularly profitable, and which create loss. From these findings we can derive measures that will help you to increase your company profit.


In order to understand in which direction your company can develop financially we take close look into the history of your financial data. What expenses and income did you have over your time? How did the different purchasing and sales prices develop? A trend reveals. In the evaluation, we will draw different future scenarios and see how your company can develop.


In many places there are hidden costs or additional profitable opportunities. We will examine your finances in detail and find out if there are such possibilities of optimization. Is there possibly a cheaper electricity provider? Can interest rates on loans be lowered? There are many things that can be changed with little effort to improve your financial situation.

Customer Insight - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!

Customer Insight


Let us check who your customers are and where they can be found. We will work with you to find out how to introduce yourself to your preferred client. Important features are age, gender, social aspects, assets, development opportunities and much more. We will therefore look at your area of business, how much a customer actually costs you and how you can easily decide, if a customer fits your business or if you maybe need to focus on other customer groups.


In addition to taking care of your existing customers it is another important aspect to generate more revenue and profit by acquiring new customers. Let’s expand your business step by step and open new markets. We look at your current acquisition strategies and how you retain them as regular customers. It is important for us to understand which methods and means you use, but also how long it takes you to acquire a new customer.


Your regular customers are the basis of your business. In order to keep it that way, a considerable amount of effort is often needed to enthuse them for new products and services. We will analyze how you communicate with your patrons. Which channels do you use and what messages do you deliver? How do your customers rate your products and services? How do you deal with feedback? We will then suggest measures to make your regular customers happier and more profitable.


In order to understand which customer groups and markets are particularly attractive to you and your company, we will work with you to analyze what your optimal customer should be like. In doing so, we will look at your current customers, the region in which you work and many other aspects. You will be amazed by the conclusions drawn from this information. Furthermore, we will create a ranking of of the most profitable clients and where they can be found.

Marketing - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!



In the age of internet and globalization social media has become indispensable. It is now expected that you are present in the various media and interact with your (future) customers. In addition to advertising and communication you can also use social media to improve yourself, your company and your products / services! Let’s find out how you can generate opportunities with little effort and good results.

Public Relations

It sounds as if that’s something for the global players, right? But public relations is more than that! Even as a small business you should communicate with the public. Be it with the (local) press, with other companies or at fairs and district festivals. We will evaluate how you can use your visibility in public for your benefit effectively and with reasonable effort. Cleverly used, you can improve your image and generate additional sales.

Direct Marketing

We will look at which channels of direct marketing you already use (consciously or unconsciously). How effective are your efforts and how do you place your offers? In addition to the content another important aspect is the timing and of course your creativity. We will then show you various options with which you can expand your direct marketing or make it more effective. Of course, we take into account what is feasible and beneficial for your company.

Local Awareness

Like for every other company, you start in a limited, local market. This gradually builds up to an ever-growing area. We will look at how you’ve achieved this development and how you are currently utilizing local infrastructure. How popular are you in your neighborhood? Does your company get involved with your community? We can offer a couple of suggestions on how to increase your popularity and build your image.

Process Optimization - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!

Process Optimization


What is required to keep a small business running? Which core processes do you utilize and how effective are they? This module will review processes and help us understand where you started and how you implemented workflows. Since the core processes are a very vital component of every company, we will conduct a detailed study and discuss our results with you.


Support processes are another component that keep your business running. However, these processes could also be outsourced. For example, tax filing. We determine support processes you utilize and reveal which influence they have on your company. Should you run certain processes yourself, or is it wise to outsource them? We will suggest appropriate measures to optimize procedures.


All your processes should run like clockwork, we will look at how your processes are currently interlinked and find out where improvements can be made. Here we pay special attention to the interfaces. Often, this fact is underestimated. The more efficiently you operate, the faster you can serve your customers and the more sales and profits are possible.


A lot of businesses have developed from small companies, so sometimes outdated processes have become the status quo. That can cost you time and above all money. Together we will check which standards you’ve implemented and where there are opportunities for modernization. This could be the set-up of new standards or an upgrade of materials and tools.

Sustainability - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!



Again, we start by learning about the past of your company. Which evolution has your company made so far? What steps have you taken and how have decisions impacted your business so far? So, we can determine how sustainable you’re operating and in which direction you are currently moving.


With the right investment strategy you can sustainably increase your sales and profit. Let some of your money work for you or invest in new equipment. Even investing in your employees can be very rewarding. Let us analyze what options are best for you in your current situation.


However you decide to invest your money and time it always has an impact on your environment. We’d like to know what your current influence looks like and how he can help make investments more successful in the right place. Let us show you the possibilities that will sustainable grow your profit.


In the age of climate change your ecological footprint should be considered, as well. A healthier environment for your customers and employees sustainably increases purchasing power and productivity. Incidentally, you can positively influence your image and position your products and services on the market with larger margins.

Coaching - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!



Constantly expanding your knowledge is an important part of being an entrepreneur in order to remain competitive. Our training is tailor-made and focus on topics that will benefit you and your team most. A well-trained and knowledgeable team always is the backbone of successful business.


In the course of consulting, there are smaller and larger changes to your company. Be it a new process or changes in workflows. In order for these changes to run smoothly, we are happy to assist you with individually designed training so the team as a whole can work on the future of your business.


New technologies are sometimes coming with pitfalls. People may be skeptical towards the various technologies. We will accompany the team on the way to new technologies and offer you corresponding coaching on those topics. We support you with utilizing new technologies so you can benefit from what they have to offer.


The human factor is vital to accomplish your goals. Humans are not only driven by rational factors and the successful entrepreneur understands their customers and teams are emotional beings, too. Let’s set an eye on soft skills and how to develop them. Our training sessions will enable you to make better use of soft skills when working with people.

Partnering - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!



Partnerships are as important in business as they are in relationships. That’s why we’d like to take a closer look at your network and find out who they’re currently working with. We analyze the various relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, regular customers and employees. There are often other partnerships that you are not directly aware of. A good network creates potential for more sales or higher margins!


In order to understand how your relations with all your partners can be arranged, we will do a benchmarking together with you. Let’s check which partnerships are positive and which have less positive effects on your business. These benchmarks can show you ways to improve partnerships. Trusting and good partnerships are the basis for your success and satisfied customers.


The more customers you serve and the more products and services you sell, the more your partners will be required. We will analyze if your partners can follow your path or if it is time to get new partners on board. Only when you have the assurance that your suppliers and other partners can deliver in the required quality and quantity, you can deliver your products and services with the usual quality to your customers.


Business relationships often last for many years. It can happen that some are considered given and neglected. Let us see how we can easily strengthen all your partnerships. Strong partnerships are a cornerstone of a well oiled transmission in your business. so you can focus on your core competencies and develop your business.

Human Resources - | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!

Human Resources


Your employees are the backbone of your company. Satisfied employees will support you in many of your projects and bring your company forward as a team. Therefore, it is important to create a healthy atmosphere in which a professional work is possible. We are happy to analyze the current situation in your company and then help you to create the best possible working atmosphere.


How experienced are your employees? What goals do you pursue both professionally and privately? Together with you and your team, we will review how you can develop your team to meet future challenges. Be it through training or new tasks. The more flexible you can use people and the fitter you are, the better you can respond to short-term changes and stay one step ahead of your competition.


Involving employees in important decisions in your company can have a very positive impact. Let us look together at how you handle this at the moment and how you can let your team participate in decisions in the future. Also, the results of such decisions, such as participation in additional sales or cost savings, can be a great motivation to successfully implement changes.


“Good staff is hard to find!” So that this does not happen to you we are gladly there for you when it comes to hiring new employees. Be it the preselection, the hiring process itself or the on-boarding of new employees. The more you know what you need, the sooner you will find adequate staff. Even unsightly things, such as the dismissal of an employee, belong to the everyday life of a boss. Let us help you with words and deeds.

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