What we do


We analyze your business understand which paths you’ve been taken and what your goals are. Tell us what makes you unique or better than your competition. Maybe you’ve already tried different approaches? What’s your main business field?

All this will help us to analyse your current situation. It will also be one of the first steps for us to understand you and your business as a whole.

Financial Deep Dive

Let’s investigate your current financial situation. What are your expenses for rent, electricity, water? What do you buy where and at what price? At what prices do you sell your products and services? Are there any hidden costs? With our financial deep dive, we recognize trends in purchase prices, sales prices, additional charges and much more.

This results in an overall picture which we then explain to you in detail.

Customer Insight

Who are your customers? Who needs your products and services? Which target group are you addressing? How do you reach out to your customers and how do you acquire new customers? 

We will find out if you are addressing the right target group in the right region and help you to stand out from competitors to make your clients even happier.


Marketing is about presenting your business on the market. How do your customers perceive your services? Which messages do you deliver? Which advertising possibilities do you already use and how effective are or they? In addition to the well-known forms of marketing, such as flyers, Facebook, etc., we will also look at how you use other ways of communication.

We want to learn how you can use your marketing and how we can make it more effective.

Process Optimization

There are many processes in your company. we will accompany you for a little while to understand how you run your business., find out how you create your products and services. How do you serve your customers? is there perhaps a defined workflow you’re following? With this knowledge, we will then be able to show you where processes can be optimized. We can also present to you where new processes may be beneficial or where we can make things easier for you.


Are you already working sustainable? We will look at how your business has evolved. In doing so, we not only pay attention to whether you use your investment wisely. Do you invest your money inside or outside the company to attract new customers or to create better products and services? How is your standing with your suppliers and partners?

We would like to show you. how to positively influence your environment in order to gain more customers or demand higher prices?


We offer individual coaching to share our results with your employees and on-board them. Change isn’t always easy, but we’ll make sure everyone can participate in your development.

We want to make sure your business is thriving and your profits are growing. Besides all the technical things that you can change, the most important factor in the success of a business is still man. So we would like to take the time to support you, your employees and partners in the best possible way with coaching.


Partnerships are as important in business as they are in private life. Therefore, we would like to work with you to find out how you currently interact with your business partners. Which suppliers do you use for what purposes? How satisfied are you or your suppliers? Which other partners, such as delivery service providers, tax consultants, , etc. are working with you? What experiences have you had in the past? What experiences did your partners have with you?

Let’s see how your current network looks like and what influence it has on your business.

Human Resources

Employees are the most important factor of success for your company. Only dedicated, well-trained and, most of all, happy employees will put your company into top shape. That’s why we’d like to meet your employees. What potential for improvement do your employees see in their daily work? Is there a desire for further development and participation in the success of the company, or have your employees possibly lost their passion?

We will provide you with tips and tricks to increase your employee’s satisfaction and thus your company’s success furthermore.

How we do it

Expertise - incrsd.com | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!


Our team consists of people with all kinds of different backgrounds. In addition to classic sales and marketing training, we have many years of experience in areas such as process optimization, training, employee leadership, analysis, customer reviews and IT We gained sound experiences with various companies, small businesses and start-ups.

We are constantly expanding our team to meet your individual needs. We work mainly with partners who work full-time in their respective professions and who are always up to date. This enables us to respond to current events and, for the most part, we can propose tried-and-tested solutions.

Passion - incrsd.com | Increase your profit with a new way of Small Business Consulting!


We will use this famous spark that inspired you to start your business to re-ignite the fire. We will work with you to help your business move forward. We pay attention to a healthy relationship between passion and professionalism. With a little distance we can recognize problems and develop tailored solutions for you. We also want to capture spirit of your company, which makes you unique on the market.

Let us share this passion with your company, your employees, our partners and, of course, your customers!

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We are always looking for new partners! We want to build a strong and successful network of small business owners and entrepreneurs together with you. Nothing is more important than a good relationship with a business partner. You can always use our existing network if you have special requirements. Often, one of our current projects provides a good opportunity for collaboration with one of our partners. Be it as a supplier, provider of a service you need or as an idea generator for your business. Let’s work creatively and together on the future of small businesses.

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Technological progress should be a benefit for everyone. So, we are always in charge of presenting you with the latest software and technology to support you in your daily business. They help to work more efficiently, and you may increase your profit / turnover already with small modernization. Do not let complicated words stop you from trying new things.

We will assist you with our knowledge. Based on our experience we can also integrate them into your business.

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