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Processes & Coaching

If you want to speed up your processes and meanwhile get your staff coached, this package is perfect for you!

Process Optimization >> 16h
Which core processes do you utilize and how effective are they? This module will review processes and help us understand where you started and how you implemented workflows. Since the core processes are a very vital component of every company, we will conduct a detailed study and discuss our results with you.
Process Optimization >> 20h
Support processes are another component that keep your business running. However, these processes could also be outsourced. For example, tax filing. We determine support processes you utilize and reveal which influence they have on your company. Should you run certain processes yourself, or is it wise to outsource them? We will suggest appropriate measures to optimize procedures.
Process Optimization >> 24h
All your processes should run like clockwork, we will look at how your processes are currently interlinked and find out where improvements can be made. Here we pay special attention to the interfaces. Often, this fact is underestimated. The more efficiently you operate, the faster you can serve your customers and the more sales and profits are possible.
Process Optimization >> 24h
A lot of businesses have developed from small companies, so sometimes outdated processes have become the status quo. That can cost you time and above all money. Together we will check which standards you’ve implemented and where there are opportunities for modernization. This could be the set-up of new standards or an upgrade of materials and tools.
Coaching >> 16h
Constantly expanding your knowledge is an important part of being an entrepreneur in order to remain competitive. Our training is tailor-made and focus on topics that will benefit you and your team most. A well-trained and knowledgeable team always is the backbone of successful business.
Coaching >> 24h
In the course of consulting, there are smaller and larger changes to your company. Be it a new process or changes in workflows. In order for these changes to run smoothly, we are happy to assist you with individually designed training so the team as a whole can work on the future of your business.
Coaching >> 24h
New technologies are sometimes coming with pitfalls. People may be skeptical towards the various technologies. We will accompany the team on the way to new technologies and offer you corresponding coaching on those topics. We support you with utilizing new technologies so you can benefit from what they have to offer.
Coaching >> 28h
The human factor is vital to accomplish your goals. Humans are not only driven by rational factors and the successful entrepreneur understands their customers and teams are emotional beings, too. Let’s set an eye on soft skills and how to develop them. Our training sessions will enable you to make better use of soft skills when working with people.

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